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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Dave, his announcement did nothing but hurt him. Yes, some of the GLBT bundlers were holding back some $$$ but there is no doubt who they would vote for. He has around 90%+ of the black community supporting him; as a voting block, they are historically against gay marriage but I don't think it will lose him many votes there. He's more likely to lose more votes from the Hispanic community.

It actually helped Romney as evangelicals are more apt to vote repub after BO's announcement about his "evolved" position. The polls take 3 days to catch up with a major event/speech; today's polls show Romney ahead in the presidential race by 7%.
thats something the British Press pointed out. They worried that this has caused a division, and that might backfire on Barack...yes he might gain some votes and money from the Pink Pound so to speak...but the danger in this ellection is that it could well be the independant voters, who dont go for party politics but just go on the candidate that decide...what if he has offended more then he has gained by this.

Romney wants to say as little as possible about this, in terms of mentioning gays period. He should simply stress the family unit, blah...and he would do well to remind the world about the Health Bill...that divide went even through the Democrats...the democrats are so liberal, they may forget party loyalty if reminded of what one closed minded democrat did with the health reform, because largely to force the population was not very liberal of Barack, and if he is going to act like that, perhaps a republican isnt so least you know where you stand and what you're in with. There might also be some in the pink pound who fund, but wont vote because they may not be as dumb as they look. People tend to "use" the race and sexuality cards...actually some people dont like their private stuff reeks of sleeze, and there is only one thing worse then being against homosexual marriage, and thats to pretend that you are for it to benefit yourself rather then the might be different if he promises things...but to make a wide assertion of support, that he can forget about...that wont fool the discerning who will be used to positive descrimination

We can but hope that all the republicans back their candidate, that half the gays are not convinced, that most of the independants are offended, and that some of the democrats are way to liberal for their parties own good.

I'm still unhappy about the mormon part though
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