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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
in the end, the americans will vote him in because he is the best candidate for the job ... just like they did last election ... so get ready for another 4 years of him ...
Nice try, rnc. I hope you'll be here on election night. You see, we don't need someone smooth and incompetent; we need someone nerdy and capable.

Dave, his announcement did nothing but hurt him. Yes, some of the GLBT bundlers were holding back some $$$ but there is no doubt who they would vote for. He has around 90%+ of the black community supporting him; as a voting block, they are historically against gay marriage but I don't think it will lose him many votes there. He's more likely to lose more votes from the Hispanic community.

It actually helped Romney as evangelicals are more apt to vote repub after BO's announcement about his "evolved" position. The polls take 3 days to catch up with a major event/speech; today's polls show Romney ahead in the presidential race by 7%.
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