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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i like bisping, but he shouldn't be crying about lombard getting a potential title shot ... yes mike has been in the ufc for years, but he hasn't himself earned a title shot .. his best streak was 4 wins in a row against guys not in the top 10 .. or at the least guys barely in the top 10 .. even if he wins against boesth, which i think he will do easily, shouldn't get him a title shot ... everytime he fights a top 10 fighter, he loses .....
Why do you want to start this early? Seriously..
This isnt fair to him at all. We all know how he man handled Chael. Typical of you to go ahead and say some bs like this. Ok for that much why don't they open the flood gates and let every other orgs champs come on in and screw the UFC employees. Mike whether you like him nor not shows up to fight, makes his weight, fights and doesn't bore, attends UFC events, and has grown as a fighter within this org. You aren't forgetting this guy was purely a Kickboxer w/very little wrestling (if any) and JJ. Wow, he sure can keep up and I'm sorry yes Hamill beat him... But he beat Wandy and Chael!! IDGAcrap what nonsense you spout. You seem to like to stir the pot. Not on my watch with one of my faves. Ain't gonna happen. Keep talking you're a GSP fan.. and a guy for that much. Red wine, and vaseline all night.
Oh and Mike does not need to rely on any substances nor grease. BoomPow.
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