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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
It's not that I don't like GSP as a person or a fighter, he just doesn't impress when he fights anymore. Seems to play it safe all the time and not try to finish, ever. The "old" GSP (rush) used to go in for the kill, not anymore.
I don't disagree, it's true he was a different fighter before the Serra knockout, even though he's finished Matt & BJ since.

However, this is why I still enjoy his fights...when he's on his game, nobody can do anything against him in the cage if he won't let them! Nor can they stop him from doing what he wishes...eye pokes, hail mary punches & last second arm bars notwithstanding.

Until he's dethroned or retires, he's still a true champ in my eyes whether he finishes, or just dominates.
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