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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Awesome pics JB!

So what did you think about the fight? Lot's of people are whining about Floyd'd performance but I think he did great! Cotto did extremely good!

I dont think this Cotto is the same one that fought Pacquiao. Im not saying he would beat him but he would have made the fight way more competitive at this weight.
I think it was a great fight for Floyd. No matter how he performs, people that don't like him are rarely objective in their criticism. He could have knocked Cotto out cold in the first round and they would just say he should have fought Cotto years ago and now he needs to fight Manny. If Floyd would have lost, they would just say; "See, I told you so, Floyd sucks".

Clearly, Floyd isn't the same fighter he was 5 years ago, but even with all that money he has, it's not like Floyd can buy a fountain of youth. Fighters age, and reflexes slow down, but the great ones are able to adapt and remain relatively successful into the latter part of their careers. Floyd at 35 is still a better technical boxer than anybody else in the business, but over his last few fights he's really started to show everybody that he can stand in the pocket and bring the fight to his opponent, even if that means he gets roughed up a little bit in the process. If anything, that only makes me believe that Floyd will beat Manny even more than I already did. People are shocked that Floyd got his nose bloodied by Cotto, but thats only because they have never seen Floyd with a bloody nose, or any real damage for that matter. Let's not forget, Cotto did some damage to Pac's ear, and Manny had to wrap his whole head up!

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