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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Matt's always said that he wants to retire to the farm, but from the UFC side of things, I think they're gonna offer him a position like what Chuck has as a thank you for all he's done for them throughout the years. I don't think Matt would take a do-nothing job just for a paycheck, but he's long said that if DW personally called to ask a favor, he can't say "no". Here's what I think would be perfect for Matt: Vice President of Officials Education.

The UFC hired long-time commission member Marc Ratner to be VP of Regulatory Affairs. At the time, the UFC was making a big push to fix a major problem - they weren't sanctioned in enough areas. So they sent a guy with a lot of experience to the various states they were targeting & had him specifically show them what needed to be done. Now we're facing a problem with the abilities of judges & refs. Time to send in a guy with a lot of experience to show the commissions what needs to be done to properly educate & test these officials.
Thanks for all the info, Ben. I couldn't agree more with putting Matt in to straighten out the often terrible officiating.

Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
Matt definately deserves to be offered a spot with the UFC when he decides to retire. Like Chuck, Matt has been there for them the entire time and has bee na great promoter of the sport. Being the best WW ever is also another plus.
Exactly, he deserves it and would be a great ambassador to the sport.
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