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Default New Rules regarding Siggie Contests

Hello Everybody,

Its time for a change

From now on I shall count the votes the day after the event as usual, and shall inform Flo our siggie maker of the results...but if you want a siggie, YOU will have to ask her for it but ONLY once the results are known

The reason for this is, frankly, there is no point in making a siggie for someone who doesnt want to wear it. this has happened in the past as far back as when I created the siggies myself

Now several times people have been tempted to count the votes themselves and declaire people the winner who havent won. Therefore NO Siggies will be produced until AFTER I have announced the vote and told Flo who the real winner is. From that point on Flo will ONLY make a siggie if the winner personally requests a siggie...this can be done by PM OR in the predictions thread

The rest of the rules remain the same, the week before the event any patron may make predictions in the official thread up until the show starts, and the one with the most correct answers wins. if two are the same we look at the tie breaks given on method and round for the main event.
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