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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Ok......but does not the Book of Common Prayer and the Catholic Missal contain some of the same prayers? And don't Anglo Catholic Churches use both? I know when I attended the Catholic Church of my in-laws, the Nicene Creed and Holy Eucharist were read out of a book and the translation sounded exactly like the Book Of Common Prayer. But to my knowledge their church is not Anglo Catholic........
I know the Anglican will be based on the Catholic, for obvious reasons. So for example the Romans have what is called The Daily Office, a set of a number of services supposed to be conducted at different points in the 24 hour cycle. One is Vespers, to be said at dusk...and Evensong, in the Anglican Tradition will be based on Vespers.

I have never heard of an Anglo-Catholic church using the Roman Missal...but I DO know that they will use the occasional roman prayer. Saint Wilfrids will still do the Angelus, and Regina Coeli at the ends of their services But its that way round, High Church Anglicanism may steal from Rome, but Rome would NEVER steal from Anglicanism, because Rome considers itself the original, and that the book of common prayer is a sour grapes re-writting of Romanism, by people who wanted the services, style, and litrugical basis of Romes Pre-prepared services, but couldnt give a Toss about the Roman Curia
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