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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
I agree, Bonnie; however, this man had a suicide attempt a few years back when the police were after him on a domestic abuse charge. I'm sure his loved ones must have talked to him at that time. Very sad.
I totally get what you are saying and people do often look at suicide as a selfish act. I was reading some comments from people who've had a family member commit suicide. A lot of them struggle with anger for the person, but they also miss them terribly and still love them. One woman whose mother killed herself after struggling for years with depression at first felt it was selfish of her mom to leave them, but gradually, she began to look past the act and have compassion for her mother's plight, and how she struggled with her depression and the feelings of guilt of what it was doing to her family. I guess every one has to find their own way in coming to grips with it.

Whether Junior's family tried to talk with him after that incident, I don't know, maybe they did and he was able to explain it away as he "fell asleep" and they accepted that and let it drop. Some of his former team mates said when they saw him recently, he seemed fine, "the same ol' Junior".

I read where hours before he died he had texted his ex-wife and their three kids, "I love you." The kids texted back, "Love you too, Dad."

It's just an awful, sad situation.

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