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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Listen...the Book of Common Prayer was developed as an ANTI-ROMAN bit of Literiture. The ONLY Roman Churches permitted to use the BCP are the FEW Anglican Churches who have a special Apostolic Constitution, have Split with Anglicanism because of Womens Ministry and Gay rights, and have been adopted into the Roman Church. Benedict told them they may keep the BCP...but its ONLY permitted for specific Churches who, less then two years ago would have been Anglican. Outside of that the Roman Church DOES NOT use the Book of Common Prayer, commissioned, developed, and authorized by a MONARCH of ENGLAND following the Reformation

1) Indeed...but they arent sure if they believe that anymore. 2) There is nothing wrong with sprinkling, neither is their anything wrong with annointing with oil, neither is their anything wrong with confirmation, neither is their anything wrong with full immersion. Infant Baptism, whilst fine, is also meaningless in terms of eternity, except as a public demonstration of the parents intentions. 3) Having statues doesnt mean they worship them, neither does Rome promote the worshiping of them...however, it must be said that some Catholics probably do. 4) When you need prayer, why do you ask other people to pray for you? You will see prayer threads over this section. Are we mediators?? In terms of Eternity there is no difference between a living Christian and a Dead Christian, as all are alive in Christ...if you ask me to pray for/with you...why would you not ask ANY Christian period. The idea is not to pray TO Mary, the idea is to ASK Mary to pray FOR You...I dont consult the Saints...but then I generally dont ask anyone to pray for me, as I can pray myself. But I understand the principle of what is trying to be expressed. Now, again I am sure these things get abused...but can you really blame that on Rome? 5) Priests can not Forgive...BUT the CAN tell you that GOD forgives you...infact, ANYONE can tell you that GOD will forgive your sins if you appologise to him. The Priest doesnt do the forgiving...but he does have the authority to tell you that GOD will. 6) That was a gross missuse of power by the Roman Church...but nowadays the church doesnt have the power to make it worth selling any supposed remission of sin. You need to ask yourself how powerful Rome is...because I think you find the vast majority of Roman Catholics, technically speaking, do not adhere to Rome, nor do they listen to the Pope.

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