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...and here is the embarissing speach given by the Speaker of the House of Commons, who basically ruined the occasion He's the pompous ugly twat in black and Gold he begins his blah at 7.52. Bear in mind that the Queen is a Royalist with an imperialistic outlook, whose reign has not been about changing with the times, but remaining consistant despite it all. She is also a deeply spiritual Christian who, I dare say, though impartial and non political in voice, probably ISNT and WONT consider being charged with gay rights as being a positive quality. The look on the Prime Ministers Face said it all!

Now the Speaker of the House of Lords Spiritual and Temporal (meaning, the house of Church Clergy and Land Barons ) did remarkably well I thought.

You may have noticed that both speakers are standing next to what looks like coffins draped in a paal. Actually, what happens is, wherever these Speakers go, in an official capacity, they carry a large Mace. The Mace is their authority, because they act directly as the Monarch actually in the day to day running of the Parliament. They chair the debates, sit between the two parties, call the agenda, chose who gets to speak...and basically do what the Monarch in the olden days would do. The Monarchs used to spend every day "at court" They would sit in Westminster Hall, and their Government, both houses together, would assemble where the people in the audience are sitting. Now,the houses are separated, and in a different building (the palace next door) and convene at the same time. Obviously her Majesty cant be there all the time, neither can she be in two different places at once...hence the need for the speakers. Obviously, in the sight of her Majesty, these Mace mean nothing, or else there would be three monarchs in the room...soooo the Mace are covered up to show their subserviance

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