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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Dave......most Catholic Churches here in America that I have visited in the past do use the book of common prayer.

As far as heretical teachings of the Catholic faith goes:

1) Purgatory
2) Baptism(sprinkling, instead of immersion)
3) Idol Worship(tons of examples)
4) Prayer to Mary(She is not the mediator between GOD and man!)
5) Priestly Intercession(Priests CANNOT forgive sin!)
6) Priestly Indulgences(Catholic Church teaches that remission of sin can be had by purchasing indulgences or paying penance.
Caveman, I think you are making an honest mistake. While those churches might have been using a book of prayers, there is a specific book with the title: The Book of Common Prayer. It is used in the Anglican Church, not the Roman Catholic Church. The book was written by Thomas Cranmer. He was a reformer in England. He recanted many of his reformed teachings under threat of execution by "Bloody Mary"; however, in a sermon shortly before his death, he repented of his recantation. As a show of remorse for his signing a document of recantation, while he was being burned to death, he stuck his writing hand in the flames and burned it off before the rest of his body was consumed by fire.

You should read the book. It is beautifully written. I'm going from memory, but I heard once that 80% of the book is quoted Scripture. The Anglican Church is a sick and weak Church; however, it is not because of The Book of Common Prayer - it is because many of the members don't read it and believe it.
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