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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I was going to ask Caveman to explain the comments from his post (bolded), what makes them "heretic" and why he says they have abandoned the Bible(?), but I see you've already hit on this, Dave.

Interesting discussion...
Dave......most Catholic Churches here in America that I have visited in the past do use the book of common prayer.

As far as heretical teachings of the Catholic faith goes:

1) Purgatory
2) Baptism(sprinkling, instead of immersion)
3) Idol Worship(tons of examples)
4) Prayer to Mary(She is not the mediator between GOD and man!)
5) Priestly Intercession(Priests CANNOT forgive sin!)
6) Priestly Indulgences(Catholic Church teaches that remission of sin can be had by purchasing indulgences or paying penance.
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