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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I love how this article was written, kudos to the author.

They all sound like unethical creeps, Overeem, his "doctor" and the NSAC panel as well. Was this hearing just for show? It seems that way. I'm really sick of professional athletes using PEDs and even more sick of hearing their lame excuses. I guess they *do* think we fans are idiots.

Why is Overeem getting 9 months and Cyborg got 12? You'd think the penalty from Nevada's commission would be even more harsh than California.The whole system is screwed up, they need uniform standards and penalties and then must make those crystal clear to the athletes and their management.
the fighters, their lawyers, the doctors know the commissions either really don't care, don't have much knowledge of the fighters, and don't have a clue about the sport itself ... if you ever watch the hearings, you'll know exactly what i am talking about ... i watched the chael/california one and chaels doctor was real shady ... overeems first one was the most uncomfortable thing to watch .. one member on the commission even asked if this was his first fight at HW or something dumb like that and his story was even more shady .. same with the most recent one ...
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