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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
If "USA Basketball" is profiting off of jerseys with Wade or LeBron's name on it, those guys deserve a cut. Just my opinion.

How can you say "pros" shouldn't be in the Olympics? The Olympics is about the USA kicking every other country's butt!!! We want to take our BEST athletes. You guys up in Canada can have the Gold in Hockey, and we love you, but ya damn right we are sending in the BEST to get the job done when it comes to basketball.
i agree with ben that we should focus on the thread ... but i am talking more from the owners ... if pros are allowed to play in the olympics, as an owner, i should be able to put a clause in a contract that an athlete can't play any other competitive game, including the olympics .. .if the player gets injured, i still have to pay their damn millions in contract
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