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I dont think you understand the magnitude of what happened. Here was an icon, an unsinkable ship, the biggest, the best, sure of foundation. It was doing two functions, first it was saying that England still rulled the waves, and secondly, it was full of those people who were leaving England to go to The New World...the people that died on that ship are quite litterally the last arrivals of your ancestors...heading to The United States to begin a new life and live the American Dream.

When news reached London and New York, the streets were filled with shock and people crying. The Entire basis of maritime law was re-written following the Titanics Sinking. In America they could not believe what had happened, and in England the people who suffered were the families of those who died...why?? Because those who died were the men...and what did Men do in that day and age but provide for the family...and here were about two thousand Families that had just lost their bread winner...moments before a world war, a depression, and then another war.

In the following thirty years, two generations of Europeans quite litterally vanished...The World Changed overnight after Titanic....from that moment on nothing in England was sure anymore, we had built ourselves up, believing ourselves to be invincible...and suddenly, we lost everything. We dominated the world, we owned most of the world, we competed against ourselves to break records, to promote prosperity and progress. We believed that we were untouchable and that nothing truely terrible could happen. We lived in a little bubble.

then one day, the bubble burst...and its effect changed our society. Societies dont usually change overnight, short of some absolutely inconcievable tragic happening. But sometimes, in History their are moments that mark a "before and after" point.

The Titanic was the first major disastor the effected both our nations in the 1900s...outside of war, there probably hasnt been an event on the scale of Titanic, until the 9/11 attacks on New York...sure you can look at moments in the Great War, where a generation of Europeans died in France...or you can look at the moment when Nukes were dropped on Japan resulting in the deaths of nigh on everyone in two large cities. But outside of orthodox war, in that century...the Titanic was it....hundreds died building it, thousands died traveling on it...and millions of lives were distroyed because of it.
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