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Interesting idea. I'd have to try that, but I'm not too excited about the prospect of having to sit through Ep2 again.

But even with Ep1 deleted completely, there is still about 50-60% of the remaining Prequel films that are unnecessary to Darth Vader's story.

I don't buy the notion that Star Wars was "always intended" to be the story of Darth Vader, because that makes no sense. Or that it was "always intended" to be six films, because back in the 1980s Lucas was claiming that the OT was just a smaller part of a larger 9-part, or even 12-part story.

The old novel, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, was originally written as a "low-budget sequel" to Star Wars, just in case the film wasn't a box office success. So read that book, keeping in mind that there was no Empire Strikes Back, no Return of the Jedi, no Boba Fett, no Yoda, no Prequels, no Jedi Council, and no Anakin Skywalker* back when the book was written, and you will see just how much of the current Star Wars story George Lucas "originally intended" to happen. No mention of Vader being Luke's father. No mention of Luke and Leia being twins or even remotely related in any way. In fact, the story ends with Darth Vader dying after he slips and falls into a bottomless pit. So much for "the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force."

* If you watch Star Wars while forgetting everything you know about the films that followed it, it's understood that Darth Vader is just some guy named Darth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vader. There is no indication whatsoever in the OT that the word "Darth" is some kind of evil, Sith Lord title.

I think the biggest area where the Prequels failed was when Lucas decided to turn Darth Vader into a Christ-like character. Aside from the hints at a virgin birth, the entire universe seems to be turning itself inside out to push little Anakin Skywalker towards ultimately killing the Emperor (you'd think it'd be easier for the universe to just drop a space-piano on the Emperor's head). Then we get "the Force" manipulating people to act in totally illogical ways and completely against their established character just so that Anakin can take his next step to becoming Darth Vader.

Jar Jar is the least of the Prequels' problems, because the entire foundation for the trilogy is flawed and was crumbling long before Ep1 was even released 13 years ago.
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