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thank you everyone! you are all lovely people

Michelle...dont worry I am feeling slightly better already

Kevin...I came to the same conclusion, thankfully (after checking on google ) My case is SO mild, and my ability to sleep things off so good that I can overcome this pretty easily. Bad Food poisening can go on like flu, for a good week I cant stomach anything yet...and...Yes, I've been watching tv...and catching up online, and watching my birds in the short...Ive done sweet FA today

Flo....unfortunately I cant eat bananas, for some reason I can digest them. Applesauce I havent got in the house...but tommorow when I get up I SHALL start with dry toast. Today I have had liquids only, Water...and some flat cola to settle the stomach and give me a nice taste...I've also had my Sertraline Hydrochloride, Four Pain killers for my lack of sleep induced headache, and two immodium which seems to have stopped the squits....but they dont really count as food do they
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