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Default Coventry Cathedral celebrates 50 years

Coventry has two Anglican Cathedrals, one which is ancient, one which is new. The old Coventry Cathedral got bombed during the World War Two blitz on the city...unlike Saint Pauls Cathedral that was seemingly protected by GOD directly, Coventry was distroyed.

When clearing away the rubble the workmen found a great section of roof had seemingly fallen across the high altar and fused into the shape of a cross.

Coventry built a new Cathedral right next to the old one, but left the old one (after renovation to ensure it was structurally safe) as ruins and tranformed it into a garden of remembrance.

Today the Easter Eucharist for the British Broadcasting Coorperation was live from Coventry because this year they celebrate 50 years of that new building being consecrated. I have never personally visited Coventry myself...but it looks remarkable...Their Dedication is to Saint Michael The Archangel...and that is not a new thing, despite how you might choose Michael after a war. The old Cathedral also holds the dedication. you can take a virtual tour for yourself through their website if you wish
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