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...and WTF happened to the Lord Mayor on the way out

...Its a funny thing, usually the order of the procession has the highest person at the back of it...but there is a little clause that IF the actual celebration is specifically about the CATHEDRAL, and not so much about the Diocise...the Whole of Chapter suddenly Trump the Bishop...soooo on the way OUT as this was a celebration of the building itself, the Lord Mayor is probably at THE FRONT symbolising London in a political sence, and the Lord Bishop is next because he symbolizes the diocise...but as the nature of the ceremony is the building not the diocise, these are FOLLOWED by Dean and Chapter.

Usually Dean and chapter go first as the cathedral is less important then London as a poltical or religious institution...although there is always some issues over who trumps who in terms of the Bishop and the Mayor. When the Bishop is present, he is Last, UNLESS there is a Royal Presence, then the Mayor is last...if the Bishop isnt present, then the poor Mayor seems to be shoved all over the place, sometimes he's ahead of dean and chapter, sometimes he's between the chapter and the Dean...and on the way out, sometimes he is last...who can tell.

I'm still confused though...because as there was a Royal Presence...surely the Lord Mayor should have been AFTER Dean and BEFOR Monarch....second to last...and not first...or non existant in the procession at all...Something went wrong because I dont see the Lord Mayor at all...and worse, the Dean seems to have taken it upon himself to do the Lord Mayors function at the West End...baffled as to what became of a very important ceremonial figure indeed!

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