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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Lets at least try to be fair...we don't know that Margs gloves were loaded against Cotto, even though I personally wouldn't doubt it.

I also wouldn't say Floyd "lacks the power to finish Cotto". He just doesn't concern himself with caring about looking "exciting". He only cares about winning and making money, both go hand in hand.

Also, why are you more excited for Mosley/Canelo? I guess it COULD be a sleeper fight that turns out exciting, but odds are Alvarez just makes Shane look terrible. That is sad too, because Shane really was great at one time. Too bad it just wasn't when he actually fought Mayweather or Pacquiao.
LOL, c'mon JB, you saw the fight with Cotto/Margarito. With the sloppy punches Margarito was throwing, how the heck could he batter and bruise Cotto's face so bad without the loaded gloves? I've studied it a few times and he wasn't throwing a ton of power shots and he made Cotto quit due to swelling. I could be wrong, but not usually

Ok, I give you that, but I still think being the tremendous offensive fighter that is Pac and it took him 12 rounds to finish Cotto, even Mayweather's best offense wouldn't be able to actually finish Cotto. But yes, a win is a win and he gets paid.
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