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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Floyd's biggest struggles have always been against guys who pressure him, but Floyd adjusts extremely well and usually makes his opponents give up trying to pursue him. It just depends how strong Cotto is mentally for this. It's a dangerous fight for Floyd knowing he lacks the power to finish Cotto - it took a loaded-glove Margarito 11 rounds and Pacquiao 12 rounds to finish Cotto and Mayweather's offensive output doesn't even compare to those guys'. Obviously, I'm rooting for Cotto but I think Floyd will get the nod via decision.

I haven't watched Face Off yet, but maybe I'll download it during my lunch and check it out.

I'm actually more excited to see the Mosley/Canelo fight than I am this one.
Lets at least try to be fair...we don't know that Margs gloves were loaded against Cotto, even though I personally wouldn't doubt it.

I also wouldn't say Floyd "lacks the power to finish Cotto". He just doesn't concern himself with caring about looking "exciting". He only cares about winning and making money, both go hand in hand.

Also, why are you more excited for Mosley/Canelo? I guess it COULD be a sleeper fight that turns out exciting, but odds are Alvarez just makes Shane look terrible. That is sad too, because Shane really was great at one time. Too bad it just wasn't when he actually fought Mayweather or Pacquiao.

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