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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
You can love each other and still be toxic together. It just seems like her life/career turned south after they married. I don't know, maybe she was already into drugs before they hooked up.
I know I'm WAY late on this response, so I apologize, I just don't get on to check the boards at the same rate that I used, so I've missed some responses. In short, I'm slippin, need to tighten my game up!

Anyhoot, you are absolutely right. Love can actually be the most toxic part of any relationship because it can push a person, or both people, to make bad decisions that they wouldn't normally make. I've seen it, and I have lived it, so you will get no argument from me on that.

What I will say is this. Whitney was a diva. She was incredibly talented, and also very beautiful. She didn't need Bobby to be "Whitney Houston", so she could have left him at any time. Also, the life of a superstar gives you more access than most people could even imagine. With or without Bobby, she probably would have ended up down the same path because of her nature and the nature of the business she lived in. To quote Metallica; "Sad but truuuueeeeehhhha"...
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