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Video: Muhammed Lawal Apologizes for Offensive Tweet

Mar 30, 2012 - Just days after his release from Strikeforce, Muhammed Lawal has apologized for calling the Nevada State Athletic Commission's Pat Lundvall "a racist b**ch" on Twitter, which led to the organization letting him go.

"I was out of line for calling the woman the 'b' word and I was wrong for that," Lawal told CSN California. "I was kind of mad about the comments, I was offended by the comments made towards me and I was out of line. I was too emotional. I apologize for that. With that being said, I still feel that I was offended, but I'm in the wrong for what I said." recently spoke to Lawal, who said he would release an official apology on his own to Lundvall in the near future. He added that he is still hopeful that Zuffa, the parent company of Strikeforce and the UFC, will give him another chance, but right now, his focus is on letting Lundvall know that he regrets his choice of words.

"She's someones mother, daughter, sister or auntie," Lawal said. "if someone talked to my mom or sister or auntie like that, I would be very mad at that person. I hope she accepts my apology when I issue an official statement."

Lawal went on to say in the video that the potentially life-threatening staph infection in his knee is healed and that he is on the road to recovery. He later got choked up when discussing how his new American Kickboxing Academy teammates visited him in the hospital while he was battling the staph infection.

Check out the video interview below.

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