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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
do you know how long that would take me to set up

You will be glad to know that I have EVERYTHING written down and record, names, places, dates...I have all the bills with the extra metre on it...heck I even have the bus tickets that I had to buy to get to a landline when this first started after the move and I didnt have one.

My parents are working on getting details of the energy ombudsman. I am ready to write to my local minister for parliament, and the Minister whose job is to look after Energy in the Country. I have people at work, trained in civil law who have aggreed to help me, I even have one person who has someone who used to work at the firm and can help explain how their automated system works.

I have begun to mention it in blogs, and these videos will end up being forwarded to the company to proove that I wont be silenced. BUT Nothing happens til tuesday when I know for sure on the recovery of the money...this next few days will all be about preparation.
It sounds like you're doing a really good job of getting your ducks lined up, Dave, keep it up. I'll definitely be praying for you.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I want to say that although this place is quieter then it used to be, and I dont post quite as often as I used to..its lovely to find the community of friends is still hear, Ben, and Flo, PTM and guys are great at providing comfort and support both offside and publically. I shall be sure to keep everyone updated with what happens next
Hey, you should know that y'all wouldn't be able to get rid of me just 'cause Matt's not active at the moment. I'm more persistent than a virus!
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