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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I'm really sorry this happened to you, Dave. It's incredibly frustrating to deal with big companies, they have all the advantages over us "little people". Don't give up, be persistent and make noise. They wouldn't like bad publicity (like a letter to your local paper, etc.). We're lucky that one of the major news stations in Seattle will often broadcast consumer issues regarding big or dishonest companies called "Problem Solvers". They get results. I hope you can get it resolved.
One of our local stations I watch regularly has a consumer reporter who will report on consumer problems and complaints that people have written in about and they'll investigate the situation. There is nothing like "bad press" exposure to get a company to act fast to resolve a problem.

Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
Tyburn, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Names, dates, times, etc. You may need a paper trail. It might be better to have some of this in writing (email or letter) so you can have physical proof. Telephone conversations and personal conversations can be denied or forgotten (unless recorded). Every time you have a conversation about this write down the person's name, his title, date and time of discussion, a summary of the conversation (include quotes, if possible) and what plans are being made to address the situation. After the conversation, make a paper trail by writing a follow-up letter:

Dear Mr. Bureaucrat,
Thank you for meeting with me on April 1, 2012 at 10:15 A.M and discussing with me the improper deduction of a gas payment from my account. As you will recall, . . .


Yes, Dave, Play is right. I do this all the time. It helps you to keep track of who you've spoken with on what date and what was said, etc... This is especially helpful when you've had to call back multiple times because the problem is not being resolved as you were told and you get a different person each time you call back. Also, be sure to get "direct" phone numbers and extensions for people when possible.

I hope you've kept your old bills from when they started billing you erroneously and any other paperwork/documentation from the time you notified them 'til now. I really feel for ya regarding the money...we went thru a similar experience with our water company a few years ago except it involved a faulty meter.

Hope you get this resolved soon.
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