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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
Tyburn, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Names, dates, times, etc. You may need a paper trail. It might be better to have some of this in writing (email or letter) so you can have physical proof. Telephone conversations and personal conversations can be denied or forgotten (unless recorded). Every time you have a conversation about this write down the person's name, his title, date and time of discussion, a summary of the conversation (include quotes, if possible) and what plans are being made to address the situation. After the conversation, make a paper trail by writing a follow-up letter:

Dear Mr. Bureaucrat,
Thank you for meeting with me on April 1, 2012 at 10:15 A.M and discussing with me the improper deduction of a gas payment from my account. As you will recall, . . .


That is great advice, PTM!
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