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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Really upset

British Gas has stolen nearly 600 from me

Its a long story which has been going on since March short, they got my final bill from Granville wrong coz they put all the flats gas bills onto mine! In order to avoid that I had to cut the direct debit which stops them automatically taking money from my bank account. They were aware and approved the decision until the metre had been removed.

But then they started to issue more bills. I was assured that it was part of the automatic process for removing the metres...until last night when I got a letter saying thank you for paying the big sum by direct debit.

I went into the bank today and learned I am reallllllllllly overdrawn thanks to this, whilst my overdraft covers it for now, if I cant get the money back, I will be into bank charge level by pentecost.

British Gas say that the bank should not have let the money go, and that they will refund it, but thats meaningless since they never keep their word.

National Westminster bank says they will know by tuesday if they can get the money back, and if so, when. They say that British Gas went back to the original mandate for the direct debit, and so they had to honour the transfer.

but that mandate should have been rulled void by the cancellation...noone can seemingly answer that one.

Needless to say im not just going to complain, but seek financial compensation...this could get ugly...I may have to go to a newspaper about this and try and expose them publically.

Meanwhile, I already have an anxiety disorder and depression, im trying to get used to a new home, a long walk to work, my poor feet...and now this, its ruined several evenings, when I've phoned my friends in tears not knowing what to do. I've bearly been able to sleep because I cant stop worrying about it...and now my worst fear...they have actually stolen the money!!!!
Dave, that is terrible, man! Dude, I'd be so pissed if that were me!! That's so much bull$h!t!!!
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