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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
haha .. theres no need to be nice ... i still disagree with you ... not saying they wouldn't be good boxers, but i think gsp is a good mma boxer because he has other tools to use, so he can stick his jab out there all day and no one is going to take him down and his speed is fast to get out of the way ... and diaz throws more looping punches with so much volume that mma fighters aren't used to seeing ... andre ward spars with diaz all the time and he doesn't want to say what he thinks of diaz' boxing, he just says that the guy keeps coming ... and with a good counter puncher, that wouldn't work ..

Brother, I think we agree more than you know!

I was just saying that Condit's "counter striking" wasn't that great against Diaz. Not saying you didn't, but if you read my other post I think you will see what I am saying.
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