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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i don't think so .. he just comes forward and throws ... beats you with quantity and cuz he can take a shot, its hard for his opponent to back him up ... a good counter puncher (like what condit did), would beat him (like condit did)
First off, I gotta say that what Condit did with leg-kicks in an MMA fight is hardly the same as what a truly great counter puncher like Mayweather would do in a boxing match or even what a great counter striker like Anderson Silva would do in an MMA match. Although, you are correct that Diaz is a volume puncher who likes to come right at his opponents, Condit wasn't really utilizing a lot of great head/shoulder movement to dodge Nick and set up crisp counter punches. His game was centered around setting up with leg kicks, taking open shots, and not standing in front of Nick (or as some like to call it "tap and lap"). It was a great gameplan, and obviously it won Carlos the fight (even though I scored it for Diaz like a lot of other people).

I wouldn't take Diaz or GSP off the list, but I wouldn't say that either of them, or any of the guys listed would actually make it to the highest levels in the sport of boxing if they decided to jump over from MMA. It's not impossible, but not likely either. At best, they would probably just generate some interest because of their popularity in MMA, fight a few no-names or an aging veteran for a big paycheck, and that would be it.

Some people like to think Boxing is "dead" or "dying" because it's not as popular as it once was here in the U.S., but the truth is boxing is a global sport just as MMA has become ,and there are a lot of great boxers all over the world. To think that any MMA fighter would be able to have great success in Boxing just because punches are thrown in MMA and they use smaller gloves is nonsense. Most high level boxers start training as kids and the reason they call it the "sweet science" is because there really is a science to it. Anybody who steps in a cage or a ring is obviously a tough SOB, but 9 out of 10 of fighters from either sport would be completely out of their element the moment they tried to cross-over.
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