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The author needs a lesson in hip-hop. It was Biggie who said "if ya don't know, now ya know", not Dr Dre.

I guess I agree with the list for the most part, but it's not really a surprise because he's trained all of those guys except for Diaz. It's kinda funny, because Freddie said a few months ago that Nick Diaz isn't a good boxer, here is the video. It's also funny because Freddie gave his list of boxers who could come into MMA and be successful and he had Pacquiao at number one.

If we are just talking about taking 5 guys from MMA and sticking them in the sport of "boxing", I don't think there is any doubt that those 5 guys would be in the discussion. KJ Noons and Anderson Silva have actually competed on the pro-level in boxing (even though Silva only had a couple fights years ago and really wasn't nearly who he is today). Marcus Davis has a 17-1 pro boxing record, and even though I know he just retired I would have to throw Chris Lytle in the mix too. There are some other guys from MMA that I could picture in boxing, with varying levels of success, like Rashad, Rampage, Jones, and Dos Santos.
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