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I feel really bad for him ...I remember meeting him at the HIT Squad gym in 2009.

What I DONT understand, is how come when Thiago Alves has something wrong in his head, they have no problem letting him fight, but when Brian Foster has something, which sorta sounds the same, in his head they bar him from everything.

Lets be quite clear, IF Foster had a heamorage then its something you cant really hide, its a stroke, and strokes often leave you with blindness or impaired vision, slurred speech or the inability to vocalise, and quite often you'd be able to tell in a photograph coz of the lack of muscular control of the face. IF that had happened he should have been rushed to hospital and would spend like months I cant think he's had a stroke.

IF they just found signs that he is liable to have one, then I dont understand how that is different to what they found with Alves. What I really wish the guy would do, is come out public with EXACTLY what is wrong with him. Then we could see if he really has a medical issue, or if some of the SACs are being difficult with him. We can find out if the UFC are genuinely concerned, or playing politics in some way.
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