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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Did you name him a la Gandalf the Gray? Isn't that nice how well he gets along with Jens...I'm not surprised he's happy in his new digs, it must be 6 times larger than what he's used to. He's a beauty, Dave.

I can't believe you didn't have the "Jaws" theme playing for your opening, lol!!!
No...I named him after my friend at work called Josh...and I called him the white, coz...he's white

He's settled in well...but he's also a tad bit he upset Jens. He would sit on the lip of the hatch and wait for Jens to go to feed, then he would loudly squark and fly at him forcing Jens back to the wire. Then he would go back to the lip. I watched him do it several times, so I shouted at him and got inside the aviary myself...when he did it again I put him in the shed and locked it.

He went absolutely mad. He could see the outside due to the finch hatch and the shed partition being see through, but he couldnt get out. I left him like that for half an hour. obviously he had food and water in the cage, and Jens and Wyman got to eat. Then I let him out...He sat on the wire, and when Jens and Wyman went to feed he left them alone.

i'd say he threw a tantrum but learned quickly from his mistake.
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