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Default Some good could come from Yves Lavigne late stopage


The way the fight unfolded and the criticism of Lavigne that has followed should make us think back to the questionable Koscheck/Thiago stoppage, just so we can remember why it might be a bad idea for referees to wait until a guy is completely unconscious before stopping the fight.

The link has the video.

It was 'stopped' initially at 0:29, this is similar to the Koscheck knock down/out. He was knocked silly, then kinda rolled into guard.

The fight gets re-started and Sell literally staggers to his feet.

0:40-0:50 Brown unleashes some insane knees, drops Sell, and then rains down about 15 devastating unanswered, undefended blows; elbows to the temple and HUGE hooks directly to the face. The fight should have been stopped again here, Sell was given a second chance/time to recover/defend himself.

Body shots, take down defense and guillotine attempt until 1:20

HUGE elbows and HUGE knees. Brown give Yves the "Cmon man" look. Instant #3 of when the fight should have ended.

1:30 Sell gets loose and Brown, walking forwards, gives him a grazing kick to the face and a few solid punches, give Yves the look again. #4.

1:40 Head kick, goes for the tie-up, Sell falls to his back. WTF look. Sell clearly not in the fight and Brown clearly not trying to hurt him any more. #5.

1:45 Brown literally stands over him and lazily tosses some shots to the face. Yves steps in and ends it. As Brown walks away Sell is still trying to secure a take down.

Cage Potato reports that Sell is out of the hospital and doing fine. But this could have been real bad, for Sell, the UFC and for MMA.

I'd rather see a Kos/Thiago than a Sell/Brown anytime.
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