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"I hear things like, 'Oh everyone can do it,'" Kizer said. "Well, how many exemptions have [the IOC] given out? Two. Well, we've given out three in 12 years."

According to Catlin along with many other critics, the possibility of professional athletes in their 30s needing TRT is so low, it's almost completely zero.

But new research might show those long-held beliefs to be incorrect.

The science of brain injury is still relatively new, and developing rapidly. In 2007, a paper published in the Journal of Athletic Training reported the first known connection between mild concussions and hypopituitarism, a deficiency that can lead to low testosterone.

That research, along with how traumatic brain injuries impact the pituitary gland, is being continued by Dr. Daniel F. Kelly, the director of the Brain Center and Pituitary Disorders Program at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Kelly is currently in the midst of a study of 75 former NFL players that is expected to be published around the end of 2012. In an interview with MMA Fighting, Kelly said that preliminary data from the study suggests that pituitary damage is occurring in a subset of the retirees.

That study seems to corroborate a 2006 finding in Turkey that found that head injuries incurred by pro kickboxers have resulted in damage to the pituitary gland.
This isn't new information to the general public. The "scientific connection" between hits to the head and other health problems later in life is basically the train of thought amongst anybody who has ever had their bell rung and those too afraid to actually find out what it feels like.

Their conclusion is that getting hit in the head can damage to the pituitary gland? I didn't go to medical school, but I would think that getting hit in the head can potentially damage anything inside your head.

Coach JB's solution = Better defense. Do not get hit in the head.

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