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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Hey, what about Favre, do you think his career was prematurely ended too?

I couldn't resist bringing him up!
I don't think Favre's career ended prematurely, and I don't think Kurt Warner's did either. However, I DO think the shot Kurt took against the Saints was what ultimately ended his career. Had Kurt not gotten blasted in that game against the Saints, the Cardinals may have had a chance to win, but even if Arizona lost, Kurt may have still returned the next season and gave it another go. He had another year on his contract, and I believe he would have made like 15 million dollars, but Kurt doesn't need the money and I'm sure after seeing him get beat up like that, after all he's been though, his wife Brenda probably had enough.

Brett Favre came back the next year after the Saints "bounty blasted" him on their run to championship, so it's different. Still, after Brett decided to come back it was obvious that Favre's fate was pretty much sealed before the 2010 season. The fans and media had grown tired of the back and forth with Brett, and he said many times before the season that this was it for him. He was a tough SOB, no matter what anybody thinks of him, and I was pulling for him to make it to 300 games, but 297 ain't bad either!
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