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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
The fans want a playoff, and it's been that way for years. It's obvious that the current system is crap. There are too many teams for us to just let old-dogs and sports writers pick who gets to compete at the end of the year. Would you want it to work that way in the NFL?
well there are 32 NFL teams and 120 FBS teams. If college football were to go to a 16 team playoffs (thats the number of teams I hear thrown out the most) that would mean that 11 of the 16 spots would be taken up by division champions with only 5 at large bids. SO your playoff teams would have been

*Clemson (ACC champ)
*Wisconsin (Big Ten champ)
*Southern Miss (CUSA champ)
*Northern Illinois (MAC champ)
*Oregon (Pac 12 champ)
*LSU (SEC champ)
*Oklahoma State (Big 12 champ)
*West Virginia (Big East champ)
*TCU (MWC champ)
*Arkansas State (Sun Belt champ)
*Louisiana Tech (WAC champ)
*Alabama (ranked #2 in BCS)
*Stanford (Ranked #3 in BCS)
*Arkansas (Ranked #6 in BCS)
*Boise State (ranked #7 in BCS)
*Kansas State (ranked #8 in BCS)

You have 3 teams that arent even ranked in the playoffs. You also leave out 12 of the top 25 teams in the country, including two top 10 teams, out of the playoffs. Teams like TCU and Boise State have no reason to go to better conferences if all they have to do is win the WAC or MWC to make it into the playoffs. Now you could still do some type of bowl system as well, because with out some type of bowl system you leave 104 teams with out any type of post season play. Even with a playoff how do you pick those 5 at large teams. You think teams are pissed now when they dont get a BCS bowl, can you imagine if in one poll Ohio State is ranked #7 but in another is ranked #9 and they end up getting left out of the playoff. People would be crying for a full year. Even with 37 at-large teams in the NCAA tournament there are issues, can you imagine trying to pick only 5 at-large teams. I think a plus one would be fine and just keep the rest of the system the same.

Oh also, i love how people forget that 37 of the teams in the NCAA tournament are picked by a bunch of old men in a room. Its not like the NFL they have a bunch of tie breakers to determine who gets in, its all opinion.

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