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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
You've been told before in the MMA & UFC section: keep hate out of a Juju thread. If you want to, go create a "Shaka should have left" thread & you can discuss it with whoever follows you in there. In the mean time, keep your trolling out of my thread.
Once again I didnt say he should have left, I asked why he didnt and as i stated before you answered my question. You stated that people at VCU really like him and that he now has his recruits to run his system and not another coaches recruits (this is something I didnt know, I had zero clue about his system or the type of players he needs to run it). had you just responded to my first post with

"We’ve got an even better recruiting class coming in (including the younger brother of our only senior, who is touted to be even better) and from here on out, these are all players who Shaka brought in specifically for Havoc, not Anthony Grant’s players he was able to convert amazingly well."


He's in a city he loves at an institution he loves coaching a team he loves.

then my response would have been that in most cases coaches tend to take higher profile jobs but it makes sense why he chose to stay. Kinda like how I ended one of my posts with this

"You did answer my question though as to why he may not want to take the position. He might feel at home in richmond or it might be the fact that he wants to see what his system can do once its filled with player who were recruited for his system."

^this is what perfection looks like
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