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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
1. You didn't dog VCU once, that would be saying "Man, I think there are three better teams." You came into a thread in which I was celebrating VCU's inclusion (not discussing the field, but simply saying "Yay") & decided you needed to $h!t on my parade. The only reason you finally stopped was because a) you were taught manners under threat of deletion & b) we went to the Final Four & your dog wouldn't hunt anymore.

2. For someone who claims that you've never been offended by anything on this board, you seem pretty butt-hurt about me calling you an MF-er. I apologized for that. Like I said at the time, I was hyped about our win & pissed about the bull$h!t you had pulled earlier. My apology still stands, regardless of whether you say your feelings are hurt or not. Take it or leave it.

3. If you want to bring up the frequency of our basketball discussion, how often did we talk college hoops last season before you jammed your foot in your mouth a year ago?

4. As for a coach winning when he takes a step up in competition, Shaka did that last year: he stepped up to the national stage & beat 5 of the power conferences. This year we had an amazing showing for our rebuilding year, nearly beating the Hoosiers. He's 6-2 in just 3 years as a head coach. Tell me this: how's your "elite" coach's record when he "steps up" in competition on the big stage? A been a head coach 7x as long as Shaka & he's 1-5. Shaka's got as many wins as y'all have games. Your one win was against a soft Notre Dame squad. And Mercer? Yeah, really facing the best of the best, aren't ya?

Drop the envy, bro. It's not a good look on you.
1. I still stick by what I said last year. Being able to win in the tournament and being deserving of a tournament spot are two different things. In fact I even stated in the thread that it did not matter how many games VCU won in the tournament because there were three teams that did more during the season that should have had their chance to show what they can do. Hellyou even said "I dunno how, I dunno why, but somehow the Selection Committee saw fit to give us a ticket to the Big Dance" and "Sorry Tech, sorry Colorada, sorry Alabama, sorry to everyone whose resume may was better" so even you know that one those three teams should have been in over the tournament instead of VCU. Now I dont expect you to feel bad about it but dont act like what I said wasnt a true statement.

2. I brought it up because I was in no way trying to talk crap about VCU I simply asking a question as to why he didnt want to leave and then stated the reasons why most coaches leave schools. You chose to think that I was attacking VCU and said I dogged them every chance I get. I brought up this year I simply said congrats and that was it and pointed out that you are the once who chooses to bring up ODU vs VCU ore often than not.

3. I think we may have talked about it once or twice when VCU was playing ODU, then again that may have been the year before.

4. Please show me where I have ever posted that Blaine Taylor is some type of elite coach? Now you are putting words in my mouth. Taylor is a good coach but no one I would cry about if he left. As for Mercer, ODU cant control who it faces in the 4th, or maybe its the 5th or 6th, most important post season tournament. The reason the teams are in the CIT is because they suck, its they didnt suck they would be in the NCAA or NIT. Now ODU did play two top 10 teams this year, Kentucky and Mizzouri, and lost to both. Also, I said when you asked me what tournament we were going to that we were going to the CIT, we had a bad year, and if we won the CIT we were like the 124th best team in the nation. look at me brag about how awesome ODU basketball was this year. hell our best player being arrested 20 mins before the game was bigger news than the entire CIT tourney. In fact the highlight of our season was losing to Kentucky by 10 pts. ODU basketball sucks, our biggest tournament highlight is losing to Butler by 2 points last year, thank god we have football.

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