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Originally Posted by Max View Post
Ive dogged VCU once and that was because I felt there were 3 teams that were more deserving than VCU last year. I said congrats to you this year when you made your post. You on the other hand called me a MF_ER when VCU made it to the final 4 last year and this year when you made your post you felt the need to say you wished VCU could have beaten ODU 3 times even though you and I had not talked once about basketball this entire season. IMO if a coach is truly elite he is going to win when he takes that step up in competition. Alabama was 6-7 before Saban got there, in his second year they went 12-2. (he has won 2 national titles at the school) Florida was 7-5 the year before Meyer got there, national title second year there. Kentucky missed the tournament the year before Calipari, went to the Elite Eight in his first year. Elite coaches will win where ever they go, they are the ones that make the grass greener on the other side, and IMO Shaka is an elite coach.

You did answer my question though as to why he may not want to take the position. He might feel at home in richmond or it might be the fact that he wants to see what his system can do once its filled with player who were recruited for his system.
You didn't dog VCU once, that would be saying "Man, I think there are three better teams." You came into a thread in which I was celebrating VCU's inclusion (not discussing the field, but simply saying "Yay") & decided you needed to $h!t on my parade. The only reason you finally stopped was because a) you were taught manners under threat of deletion & b) we went to the Final Four & your dog wouldn't hunt anymore.

For someone who claims that you've never been offended by anything on this board, you seem pretty butt-hurt about me calling you an MF-er. I apologized for that. Like I said at the time, I was hyped about our win & pissed about the bull$h!t you had pulled earlier. My apology still stands, regardless of whether you say your feelings are hurt or not. Take it or leave it.

And yes, I do wish we had beat y'all three times. That wasn't a personal attack on you. I've said that in person to the ODU alums I'm actually friends with: y'all are our in-state, in-conference rivals, of course I want to beat you 3 times. Hell, I'd love to beat y'all & GMU & W&M 5 times a year if they'd let us. I want VCU to win. Don't tell you're gonna get butt-hurt about that one, too. If you want to bring up the frequency of our basketball discussion, how often did we talk college hoops last season before you jammed your foot in your mouth a year ago?

As for a coach winning when he takes a step up in competition, Shaka did that last year: he stepped up to the national stage & beat 5 of the power conferences. This year we had an amazing showing for our rebuilding year, nearly beating the Hoosiers. He's 6-2 in just 3 years as a head coach. Tell me this: how's your "elite" coach's record when he "steps up" in competition on the big stage? A been a head coach 7x as long as Shaka & he's 1-5. Shaka's got as many wins as y'all have games. Your one win was against a soft Notre Dame squad. And Mercer? Yeah, really facing the best of the best, aren't ya?

Drop the envy, bro. It's not a good look on you.
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