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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
What an analogy!

Well, isn't everybody "unproven" until they're given a chance to prove themselves. I didn't realize football play was different, that there is a "college style" vs. "professional"? How so, if you wouldn't mind explaining? I know I ask a lot of ?s.

No, it's totally fine.

NCAA football is a much different beast than the NFL game. It basically boils down to age of the players and their "football IQ". Similar to what I said about Manning and his ability to recognize what is about to happen on the field in comparison to other QB's.

To break it down without going into X's and O's too deeply, the college game just doesn't have as many different schemes in both offense and defense as the pro game. When you are a QB in college, it's easy to get used to running one or two different types of play-calling, but the defenses in the NFL have already seen it all and they are "typically" ready for anything you throw at them. College QB's usually get the go ahead to run the ball more when there are no passing options, even if they aren't the next Michael Vick, but that historically DOESN'T work in the NFL. If Vick couldn't run his way to Super Bowl by now, I'm not sure ANYBODY is gonna do it.
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