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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Actually, I really like Tim Tebow. I know that seems like what most people say before they tear into his skills, but I really do genuinely like the guy and have been pulling for him to prove everybody wrong. The thing is, there is just too much focus being put on the guy by the media and fans. It's obviously commonplace for fans and media alike to judge teams based on who is playing QB, and it is the most important position on the field. However, when the Broncos were making their rags to riches run last season they seemed to be winning in spite of Tebow, yet he was the only person getting all the attention. That's not totally Tim's fault, but it's not conducive to a healthy locker-room when you are unproven and the team basically had to change it's entire scheme to a college style offense just to suit you. It's like showing up to a BMX racetrack while riding a Huffy with training wheels and expecting to compete with the big-boys.

I think Tim can improve in some areas, and throwing mechanics are NOT everything in this league. If they were, there are literally tons of QB's who would have been successful but failed in the NFL. So, no matter what somebody thinks of Tebow, nobody can deny that he is worthy of being in the NFL. Tim seems to have a very level head and I'm sure he was disappointed to leave Denver, but I'm also sure that he knows when a player like Peyton Manning comes calling, it's probably best to step aside.
What an analogy!

Well, isn't everybody "unproven" until they're given a chance to prove themselves. I didn't realize football play was different, that there is a "college style" vs. "professional"? How so, if you wouldn't mind explaining? I know I ask a lot of ?s.

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