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Originally Posted by Max View Post
my point was that national powers are schools in the major conferences. Butler when to 2 strait national championships yet they are not mentioned in the same breath as schools like Syracuse, Duke, Ohio State... because they play in the Horizon league. Since 1999 Gonzaga has not missed a NCAA tournament, 5 times they have made it to the sweet 16 and once to the elite eight yet they are still not considered a national power. At best the mid majors become yearly bracket busters.
You are absolutely correct, but that doesn't mean Smart is any better off by going to a school that already has a reputation of mediocrity. Butler has had it's run too, but it was only in the last few years, and they had to go through VCU to get there last year.

It's not something that happens overnight, it takes years of winning to develop that reputation, just like guys like Coach K had to do. If you are Shaka Smart, why upset the apple cart now? It's not like Football where teams in lower conferences get screwed out of a chance every year, for the most part the teams who should be in the tournament make it there and get a shot at glory. That's why people love March Maddness so much and hate the BCS.
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