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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
1. LOL, going to Illinois isn't much of an upgrade IMO.

2. Actually, taking a team like VCU to the big stage and changing the culture at a smaller program is going to make more of a name for yourself than going to a bigger school with higher expectations.
1. really? Illinois had been to the NCAA tournament 10 times since 2000 (have been a top 4 seed 6 times and a 1 seed twice) made it to the Sweet 16 4 times since 2000 and in 2005 were national runners up. Does the program have some problems now, yea, but in most cases when you take over a program it is going to have some problems. If it didnt why did they fire the last coach?

2. What really makes a coach a big name is turning your school into a National power, look at Coach K. Spent 5 years at Army and then went to Duke. Duke had been to 8 NCAA tournaments before Coach K and have been to 28 since he got there. In fact the last time they missed the tournament was 1995. There is a reaason why most national powers are in major conferences.

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