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Originally Posted by Max View Post
I was not trying to find a flaw with Shaka at all, I think he is an amazing coach, I just found it strange that he would not want to take a step up in schools thats all. I would also find it strange if Taylor got offered the Illinois job and said no. My statement had nothing to do with the fact that I went to ODU, I would have made the same statement had any coach turned down a top level coaching job to stay at a mid major. In fact I'm waiting for the day when Bobby Wilder, ODU's football coach, leaves ODU to go coach at a bigger school. Great coaches need to be at schools that give them the best chance at winning and that is a school in a major conference. If VCU had plans to move to the Big East it would make sense for Shaka to stay but no scool in the CAA is going to be able to draw the type of talent to be able to contend with schools like UNC, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio State, Missouri, Michigan State and half the Big East year in and year out.

OK, Max, sure. My bad. You’re an unbiased observer who’s never dogged on VCU every chance you get around here, sorry if I misrepresented your history. Do me a favor, though, & actually pay attention to my post as a whole: a big name doesn’t mean a big opportunity, it can just be a big mess. Why would he abandon the 3yrs of hard work he’s put in here at VCU getting right on the cusp of being a household name & perennial bracket-buster (like Gonzaga did back in the 90s) just to step into a big spotlight with a program that’s in shambles. He had to decide between a community that loves him with only upside in front of him and a way riskier spotlight with much less room for error. He’s learning from the mistake of others. I wouldn’t have faulted him for moving on (it’s part of the life of being a mid-major fan), but I think he made the smarter decision.
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