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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
How does this work with contracts that are made with one team that now wants to trade a player to another team? Why shouldn't Denver have to eat that money? Why should another team be responsible for it or agree to pay Denver?

And, why is Denver trading Tebow, why aren't they keeping him? What if something happens to Peyton?
The problem is that the type of offense which Tebow needs to excel is completely different than the one that every other quarterback in the league (most especially Peyton Manning) uses. You couldn't just rmove Peyton & plug Tebow in & expect eveything to be fine.

More importantly, though, is that you have to cut Tebow out of Denver because of his fans. Peyton's going to start slow (4 neck surgeries & sitting out a year? Yeah, he's not going to be MVP material out the gate) & the Tebowites (Tebites? Tebowians? whatever) are going to be clamoring for Tebow to replace him. You can't have that. You've got to cut that potential cancer (the fans, not Tebow himself) from the team.
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