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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
Do you agree it should have been sub of the night based on the fact that Madigan tapped?

What did they rule Serra GSP 1? he tapped to strikes, right?
It depends how the ref scores it, in this case, the ref stopped it as Madigan was tapping, so it in theory should be a submission due to strikes and IMO be eligible for SOTN .. as for the GSP thing, yes he tapped, but BJM had stepped in to stop the fight, GSP turned to turtle and tapped, so in theory it was stopped by the ref due to strikes just before the tap ... so when BJM went to score it, he called it a TKO ..

Look at the Jeremy Stephens/Din Thomas fight, that is scored a Submission Armbar (i think), but Stephens didn't tap, it was stopped whent he armbar was sunk in ..
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