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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Just wanna say first know I'm not trying to come at you or be a mindless hater. I actually love these debates/discussions about boxing with you. I'm a fan of Mayweather, but I'm a fan of Manny too and more than anything I am just a fan of boxing. Now, down to business...

You say both guys can attribute their rise to DLH, but there is a reason that Floyd vs Oscar was the biggest PPV ever and it wasn't just because of DLH. It wasn't until AFTER Pac beat Oscar that Americans REALLY started caring about Manny. The fact that he is "exciting" is secondary. Being a high volume puncher may excite the fans, but you gotta look good doing it, and he hasn't done that as much in his last few fights (especially against Marquez).

I don't doubt that if Floyd didn't exist Pac would still be Pac in terms of boxing. What I said was, I don't think American fans would care nearly as much. Of course, that doesn't apply to people like you and me who actually follow boxing closely. However, it does apply to the casual American fan. I agree that both guys have benefited from each other, which I said originally, but I think that Floyd's image has made this whole saga what it is. I love Manny, I really do, but it's not like his character is nearly as exciting as his style of boxing. Hone