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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
No it all makes sense. Both guys experienced a huge surge in popularity thanks to each persons' fight with DLH, a passing of the torch if you will. Mayweather was benefiting from his arguments with Merchant and Manny for his wars with the great Mexican fighters of this era. It was good they both fought DLH and had their much deserved rise.

But, just like Mayweather, Pacquiao was also making a name for himself prior to fighting DLH as his 2nd fight with Marquez broke a record for the highest PPV buys at a weight lower than welterweight at 400,000 (it has since been surpassed as his junior welterweight fight with Hatton garnered 850,000, but that was after he fought DLH). Mayweather's highest total prior to fighting DLH was 375,000 against Judah @ WW. Both guys had pretty comparable numbers prior to the DLH fight and are about equal today with the big exception being the record-breaking sale of the DLH bout with Floyd (surprisingly, Pac's last 3 fights have a higher total than Mayweather's last 3 fights 3,900,000 to 3,700,000 and they have 2 of the same fighters in Marquez and Mosley, so Pac's stock is rising).

You might like this, I actually did a calculation of PPV averages for both fighters prior to the DLH fight and after the DLH fight to see what would be a fair split for the fight. Mayweather's average is a little higher and when you do a total of both fighters' averages, then cross multiply and divide each fighter, you get Mayweather with 55% and Pacquiao with 45%. That should actually be their purse split if they want to fight, 70/30 is pretty outrageous. This calculation only shows the fights with DLH and after for each fighter, but it isn't much different (I think 57/43) when you include their fights prior to DLH in the averages. Anyways, here's the Excel spreadsheet, just unzip it:

Both guys feed great off each other, it's good for the sport. Kinda like how Ali needed Frazier and vice versa; but these guys are really running out of options after these next set of fights, so I just hope us fans are able to get what we want and deserve.
I love your last part about Ali/Frazier, but please brother, don't make this a baseball type of argument where all we talk about is numbers. I appreciate what you are saying, and it is relevant in terms of PPV sales, but it doesn't really entirely speak to my point about Pacquiao's popularity in America just because of Floyd's existence. Actually, you make my point for me when you even mention Ali/Frazier. Nobody would know who Smokin Joe was if it wasn't for Muhammad Ali.

You are throwing 70/30 around because of various reports, and also trying to compare similar opponents PPV numbers, but you fail to mention some of the other parts of boxing...such as; how you actually looked in your last few fights...or what your record looks like. Let's face it. Pacquiao hasn't looked that hot in his last few fights, and when people jumped on his bandwagon it was only because he was beating people Floyd already beat.

Even if the number Floyd threw out WAS 70/30, it would still be more money than Pac has ever made with Arum, and more money than he will ever make fighting anybody else ever! I actually wish for a 50/50 split, just so this fight MAY happen...but let's not act like it's crazy to say Floyd deserves more. Heck, you even said that yourself.
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