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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Truncated reply, LOL, nothing will come from either accusation, you'll see.

Oh, and BTW, nice misleading title by Martin Rogers. Pac has not been accused of tax evasion and the accusation of him housing a criminal was made by a journalist who might as well be writing for Globe. If you go catch Espejo's articles, he's always trying to stir the pot with Pacquiao:

Anyways, you guys have fun with this. Like I said, nothing is going to come from this, but it makes for interesting news (not to mention twists in facts by American journalists).
Martin Rogers is notoriously douchey, and he's done it to Floyd too, but there is an issue with Pac and his taxes and it's been documented that he's had some issues with knowing exactly how much money he is making (which speaks to other issues with his boxing career). As for the claim of housing a fugitive, I don't read much into that at this point and frankly it could be total BS, but my point is mostly that Pac shouldn't be viewed as this squeaky clean angel as most of the media have painted him in recent history. There have been a lot of little transgressions with Pac that have fallen by the wayside in reporting while painting Floyd as the devil.

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